NeoPhe Tablets

NeoPhe Tablet

LNAA Tablets & Powder. A NOVEL PRODUCT for the dietary management of PKU that brings more independence to the patients. Now in Powder + 4 Vitamins added!

1 tablet NeoPhe (= 685mg) contain 500mg LNAA The treatment of PKU (phenylketonuria) has been a challenge. As children with PKU get older their blood phe (phenylalanine) increases. After numerous years of experiments and trials with PreKUnil tablets, a group of experts in Biochemical and Molecular Genetics came up with a new formula for PKU treatment - NeoPhe tablets. This novelty has extended the earlier existing PreKUlab's assortment of PreKUnil and Avonil series. Compared to

PreKUnil and Avonil series, NeoPhe represents a new formulation of Large Neutral Amino Acids (LNAA), which promote better transport of these Amino Acids (AA) into gastroenterological tract (GI) in order to inhibit the absortion of phe. As a result, NeoPhe lowers the entry of phe into the brain and moreover reduces significantly blood phe-level. The data from the Pilot Studies done in the US, Denmark, Ukraine and Russia were presented during the SSIEM Conference in Paris 2005, which indicate an average decrease in the blood phe-level of 25% from baseline. It is suggested that the new products should result in liberalization of the diet for most PKU patients.

Double blind studies done in 7 different centers in the US, Italy, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine indicate that LNAA can compete with the phe on the transporter in the GI tract, resulting in an average decrease in the blood phe-level of 27% (605 µmol/L) from baseline levels in patients on NeoPhe. Longer term study of NeoPhe and placebo needs to be conducted in order to establish the efficacy and tolerance of NeoPhe in long term treatment of PKU. These results are encouraging as more LNAA can cross the blood brain barrier since blood phenylalanine is lowered which should result in improved neurotransmitter concentrations of PKU patients.

NeoPhe can be used for all types of PKU under the doctors’ individual supervision.

NeoPhe is recommended for all PKU individuals, who prefer more relaxed PKU diet.

NeoPhe can also be used as LNAA supplement for all PKU individuals, who prefer to stay on strict PKU diet and their Amino Acid formula, in order to protect brain from Phe.

NeoPhe can also be used by untreated or late-diagnosed PKU patients with the compulsory medical supervision.

NeoPhe should not be used by maternal PKU patients.


NeoPhe is not suitable as a sole source of nutrition, but it can be easily taken with meals or snacks.

NeoPhe must be supplemented with a moderate restricted PKU-diet consisting of normal bread, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits, fatty fish and meat. Fish and dairy products such as cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt and lean meat should be discussed or avoided. A metabolic dietician should prescribe the phenylalanine intake (i.e. an individual diet plan) and make recommendations to meet the need for vitamins, minerals and calories.  

Dosage and administration
1 tablet per 1 kg of body weight per day supplemented WITH a meal.

Male/Female with a body weight of 60kg (60kg x 1 tablet = 60 tablets/day) must take 15 tablets 4 times a day or 20 tablets 3 times a day along with a meal. These 15 or 20 NeoPhe tablets can be divided so that they can be taken at the start, middle and end of a meal.

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