PreKUlab's mission is to improve the quality of PKU patients' life, making it better and easier, despite the disease. Every year considerable resources are spent on research and product development to create effective medication against these diseases. Owing to PreKUlab's research and products, families that would otherwise have been severely affected are already now able to lead normal lives with healthy and active children.

PreKUlab's dedicated research into the field of PKU has provided substantial knowledge about these diseases, their side effects, and how best to apply drugs against the diseases. To ensure the closest possible dialogue with patients as well as therapists, PreKUlab has established a long-term and very prosperous collaboration with the J.F. Kennedy Institute in Denmark, which is at the leading edge of the treatment of PKU-related diseases like BH4 deficiency.

At a moment, PreKUlab is also involved in scientific alliance, propos continuous clinical trials. Recently launched NeoPhe Large Neutral Amino Acids (LNAA) dietary supplement, has been evaluated with the following Universities/ Clinics globe-wide:

Los Angeles Children Hospital, USA – Prof. Richard Koch, MD, PhD

The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, USA – Prof. Rueben Matalon, MD, PhD

Kennedy Genetic Institute, Glostrup, Denmark – Prof. Flemming Güttler, MD, PhD

Clinical Centre of Genetics, Moscow, Russia – Prof. Peter Novikov, MD

Clinical Centre of Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics, Kharkov, Ukraine – Prof. Elena Grechanina, MD

Department of Pediatrics, S. Paolo Hospital, University of Milan, Italy – Prof. Marcello Giovannini, MD

Department of Pediatrics University, Hospital of Padova, Italy – Dr. Alberto Burlina, MD

In the nearest future the investigational team will be, hopefully, extended by new participants, namely from the Universities in: Turkey (Atatürk University – Behzar Ôzkan, MD, Associated Prof. in Pediatrics) Israel (Sheba Medical Centre, Dr. Gerard Schwarz, MD) Brazil (Apae centre – Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Claudia Braga; San Paulo and Port Allegro, coordinated by Tania Carvalho, MD, PhD and Dr. Paula Vargas, MD, PhD) and others


PreKUlab's mission is to improve the quality of PKU patients' life, making it better and easier, despite the disease.

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