PreKUlab's History

PreKUlab's History

PreKUlab's history started some decades ago, when the vital decision to improve patients' life with PKU-related diseases, has been taken. Already that time a very young company collaborated with the outstanding Danish professors in genetics Flemming Güttler and Hans Lou (Kennedy Genetic Institute, Glostrup), who stood behind the unique formulation of LNAA, embodied in PreKUnil tablets later on.

Those days, that was certainly untraditional approach in PKU treatment , enabling persons with classical phenylketonuria to lead more simplified life (implying a semi-free protein diet versus traditional LP one). The traditional formulas of Avonil and PreKUnil powders have been added to the product range whilst company's growth through years. It has been a long and uphill struggle for PreKUlab to obtain approval and recognition for its products worldwide.


Partly because of the many different interests that need to be taken into account in the international drug market, and partly because the company has always delayed "release" of its products until they were fully documented. In 2003, Brisbane, Australia, PreKUnil tablets (which were apparently


PreKUlab's profile product for years) finally got global recognition under 40th Annual SSIEM Congress. It happened due to the convincing research results and objective documentation, being presented by diverse clinics worldwide (Denmark, USA, Turkey, Poland, etc.) The following SSIEM Congresses (Amsterdam 2004 and Paris 2005) helped our company to create stronger brand identity, resulted in our novelty, NeoPhe tablets - the improved LNAA dietary supplement (August 2005). NeoPhe is a real breakthrough in modern PKU treatment.


PreKUlab's mission is to improve the quality of PKU patients' life, making it better and easier, despite the disease.

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